She takes a very fashionable trip down memory lane.

Karlie Kloss has walked the runways for the best of the best fashion houses—so much so that she has now built up an enviable personal collection of one-off pieces and fresh off-the-runway gowns.

Lucky for us, Kloss is quite a keen YouTuber and documented a trip back to her family home to let us watch her rummage through her ‘kloset’ as she takes a very fashionable trip down memory lane.

You can see the full film here, but scroll down if you want to know our favourite moments from the clip:

What we learned from Karlie Kloss:

A few fun facts about Kloss were revealed in the video—with the model explaining that her parents sold their home and moved from St Louis to New York to support their daughter in her modelling career. Though this probably seemed like a risky move to take at the time, the risk certainly paid off.

Kloss’ first purchase, from her very first pay check, was a Land Rover car and she may or may not have had her first kiss in that car too.

The supermodel also admitted that she did a lot of runway shows ‘for trade’, meaning that she was paid in clothes rather than money. She reckons some of her best pieces have been gathered this way.

Her best fashion pieces were quite remarkable and we are incredibly envious that she just had these items lying around at her mum’s house, when we would either wear them every day or have them framed. Here are our top picks from her collection:

  1. Alexander McQueen off-the-runway original from his last collection
  2. Her Oscar De La Renta gown that she wore to the Met Gala in 2014
A Rodarte hand knitted jumper that she referred to as a “treasure”

Kloss says at the end of the video that she found the whole spring clean of her closet rather therapeutic—and probably immensely useful now she has packed that Rodarte jumper to bring to her actual everyday wardrobe!